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Spring 2015 - NYSDEC Region 3

Promoting a Toxic Free Future in New York State

The Spring 2015 CleanSweepNY collection event will take place during the week of April 6, 2015 and will target the counties located in the lower Hudson River Valley in NYSDEC's Region 3. The collections will take place on consecutive days in Kingston, Fishkill and Middletown and specific details will become available to pre-registered participants when scheduling is completed.

Pre-registration is required and registration packets can be requested by telephone or e-mail at the following:

Telephone: 877-793-3769
E-Mail: info@cleansweepny.org

CleanSweepNY services are provided to farmers and owners of former farms, all categories of NYS certified pesticide applicators, cemeteries, golf courses, marinas, and other entities possessing unwanted or unusable pesticides and other waste chemicals. Each participant is responsible for transporting their materials to the collection site.

CleanSweepNY Services are Not Available to Homeowners.

CleanSweepNY results in enhanced stewardship of the environment through the improved management of unusable pesticides and other chemical wastes. These materials pose human health risks upon exposure and a significant hazard to New York State's groundwater and surface water resources.

CleanSweepNY is an Environmental Benefit Project administered by the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) which was initially established with approximately $2.2 million from several enforcement settlements in NYSDEC's Pest Management program.

The collections are scheduled and organized by NYSDEC with the collaboration of NYSDOT who generously provides sites for the collection of these unwanted chemical materials.

Please do not contact NYSDOT for CleanSweepNY information.

CleanSweepNY is supported by Cornell Cooperative Extension, the Agricultural Container Recycling Council, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, New York Farm Bureau, and other related grower associations.

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