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About CleanSweepNY
CleanSweepNY is an Environmental Benefit Project which was initiated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's Bureau of Pesticide Management and it describes in one word an effort to safely and economically dispose of canceled, unwanted, unusable, or otherwise obsolete pesticides and other chemicals from agricultural or non-agricultural business activities. CleanSweepNY also provides for the disposal of elemental mercury, mercury containing devices such as thermometers, manometers, etc... from schools and other entities.

CleanSweepNY collection events do not target the general public since home and garden pesticides are accepted in Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collections. Commercially applied or larger quantities of pesticides are usually excluded from local HHW collections. In New York State this fact has created a backlog of demand for safe, legal, and affordable disposal of obsolete pesticide products and other chemicals.

Preregistration is necessary and registration packets will be mailed upon request to those wishing to participate. Registration forms can be requested by calling toll free at 877-793-3769 or by email at info@cleansweepny.org

Due to the low number of metal pesticide containers being turned in and due to the added cost for providing this service, CleanSweepNY will no longer collect for recycling any metal pesticide containers or drums. We apologize for any inconvenience this may bring.
CleanSweepNY Participant Testimonials
A Long Island Farmer
"I'm very happy and it was very rewarding to have the mess cleaned up and it was done in a very professional manner."
A Long Island Nursery:
"Absolutely smooth, seamless, perfect and couldn't be better! The process was quick and well organized."
A Long Island School:
"Was able to conveniently dispose of chemicals that have been here since the 1960s."
A Long Island Arboretum:
"Overall terrific! I thought that the efficiency getting people in and out was great."
A Long Island Tree Care Company:
"Everything moved along pretty smoothly. It couldn't be improved much. Thanks for all of your help."

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